Designer/ Maker

I have worked for many companies and brands over the years and have built up an understanding of the the many different aspects of the industry. Recent clients include, Dreamland Margate,  Crystal Maze RDF television  I also spent 3 months in Azerbaijan working on the Islamic solidarity games opening and closing Ceremonies.

I can provide a number of Services for your production or brand, with all kinds of budgets,  I can start with concepts, and ideas, or jump in at the end to add last drop of vanish. What ever it takes to get the job done,  I’ve even made jelly sweets.

I started out making things in the garden shed, with what ever could lay my hands on, clay, plaster, latex, chicken wire and a copy of fangoria magazine and the love of making has stayed with me ever since.


I move to Dorset in June 2016 with a plan to start to make more of my own art work. In December 2016 I curated an exhibition called Stranger worlds in the Royal Arcades in Boscombe. Fast forward to April 2018 and I became a commissioned Artist for the Bournemouth emerging arts fringe (BEAF) and created my first solo show, a mixture of sculptural Installations with a hint of theatre. The main focus of the exhibition was on stories and ownership of the narrative, all set in a strange dreamlike world.

“Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible.”