I have worked for many companies and brands over the years and have built up an understanding of the the many different aspects of the industry. I can provide a number of Services for your production or brand, with all kinds of budgets,  I can start with concepts, and ideas, or jump in at the end to add last drop of vanish. What ever it takes to get the job done,  I’ve even made jelly sweets.

United Arab Emirates nation day 2018 & 19

I working closely with the Props Supervisor and the designers for the show and costume  my roll was a mixture of researching and devloping  hand held props for  rehearsals and the show 

Islamic Solidarity Games Baku Azerbaijan

I working closely with the Props Supervisor and the show designer in Baku for 3 months. my roll was a mixture sourcing or creating rehearsal versions  of the props, then moved to making many of the hand props for Opening and Closing Ceremony. I also developed  ideas from early experiments for the Closing Ceremony segment into workable, show-ready props. We had  access to the props and prop-building materials leftover from the European Games in 2015, so we tried to recycle when we could.  

Dreamland Margate

In January 2017  I was commissioned to redesign one of the rides at the theme park and expand on the story with a extra sculpture. The brief was to turn the caterpillar ride in to a bee and add a bee hive to the middle of the ride. I also designed the sign to the area call “Teddy and Betty Land” and was made by Sam Jellyman


I was part of the team, who work on the sculpt, construction and install of the large version of the art work Self Portrait of a Dreamer. I worked closely with the digital 3D artist who cut the various pieces out Rigid Polyurethane Foam using a 6 axis CNC machine. Each piece then had to be hollowed to fit the steel armature, re-sculpted to blend in the seams and to match the art work

Talisker storm interactive cloud

The cloud was sculpted out of polystyrene, covered in fibreglass and then fitted with plumbing to make it rain 4 tons of water. We then toured the installation from Central London to Munich and Madrid.

Stand up to cancer Crystal Maze special

commission to build a number of  props for the new one off episode of the Crystal Maze 

Hendrick's gin

Hendrick’s gin toured its p.l.a.n.t activation across uk festivals this summer, inviting guests to take part in a scientific experiment.