Someone started the day without telling me…….

This is a new chapter and to have you along for the ride is great, so thanks reading means a lot. To start I thought I would set the scene recap on the story so far.

Its ok, I’ll skip the spotty teenage angst years, moping around wondering what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

This story starts at the bottom of the garden in a shed in the middle of the night  literally shaping my future with clay.

clay skull

clay skull sculpted in the shed

This is where I found my love for making things. I would spend hours down there beavering away making, sculpting. I Played  with all kinds of materials  what ever I could get my hands on and all  without the aide of the internet.  It truly was a time for exploration. The time I spent in the shed really did shape the way I think today with no one tell me how it should be done, I would just having a go and see what happens. And that still holds up today.

Fast forward to today and I still make things,  now it’s for who wants things made, big, round, small, shiny and  sometimes all at the same time.


latest sculpture worked on                 “self portrait of a dreamer” by Joseph Klibansky

And I still love it, each job is another learning curve sometime steep and other times more french. but In this  amusement park of a life, its time for change, its time to get off this ride call “The comfort zone” and climb on board “The last train to trancentral” and set my self a new challenge. So this is it, my public declaration of Ben the Artist in the 21 century. In the coming months I’m taking the steep climb on how to take the art work that was always a  hobby and turn it in to a business, the journey from the shed taught prop maker to an artist with intent. So where does this all lead, I have no idea,  Dorset I hope. But as a great man once said “Buy the ticket, take the ride” I’m strapped in, paid up and this journey is  well and truly under way,  it could be a tragedy or a comedy or even an action adventure ! who knows. All I do know is that I wish ‘they’ could find a faster script writer this ones very slow……

So until next time stay true, stay tuned B.