Notes on sowing idea seeds

Sowing seeds 

The process of taking an idea into to a fully formed entity, is quite hard to communicate and part of me feels like if I try to brake down the process I might start to lose the essence of what it is I’m trying to do or loses the magic ingredient what ever that is. That being said I going to try and analyses my journey thought all the different stages from the kernel of an idea right the way though to the end piece. 

The spark that starts the ball rolling is difficult to put my finger on as I tend to sow seeds in my head and keep checking the to see if anything has taken. I’m not sure how far back this idea goes, or to continue the horticultural analogy I have no idea when this seed got sown. What I can do is try and give you my thoughts to each part of the journey.

One of the ideas I’m exploring at the moment is to do with street furniture, not the seats and benches but all the other pavement clutter, signs, lampposts, bike racks, bins, phone box and so on. Invisible to most, but play an important roll in every day life. To a Graff artist they are a blank canvas to the council they are a meeting waiting to happen. To a model maker, its what can make your diorama become authentic and add a slice of realism. and this brings me to some of my thought process, 

Can a box be green and invisible at the same time?

For some reason I’m fascinated with the green utility boxes, or to give them the proper name Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer.


Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

They are the green boxes on the pavement, that delivers the internet or phone to you homes, its part of what makes our modern world tick.  The image of them has been sitting  deep in my head for some time and the concept to make an invisible box appeals to my sense of image and word play. Also there is a deep rooted desire to make one as a model  other than that I’m not sure . 

 Now I have a frame to work towards I play a sort game in my head, let my mind wander it’s a bit like brain storming and word association with added bit of what if’s, I also try a let the image drift in to my dreams and let that part of my brain have a go too and see if anything sticks.

 Working with the different variables, the jigsaw pieces that are in my head, adding all the, whats it going to be made of,  what  scale is it going to be  this is not only important for where I’m going to make  it, also wheres it’s going to be exhibited and stored also there is a cost  implication to the size too. all this done over a period of time days, weeks, months…… now that seed has be sown, every day I see more connection and the thing I thinking about becomes more in to focus. 

Next Stage: watering the image   

I start finding pictures and  other connections and add them to a file. I’ve begun to look at scale and what it is I’m try to achieve and the resources I have excess to. My initial thoughts were to make it 1:1 scale and put it out in the street but time and money have come in and thwarted that train of thought . So a model it is .  I definitely want to put something inside so this has an impact on size if its to small that

would and could have implications to what it is…. even if I don’t know what is at this stage. 

 Coping with the bad weather of doubt 

The proses of writing it all down is making the normal levels of doubt heightened 

 my doubt manifests it self in the usual  “isn’t that just a shit Idea” “no body wants to see that” “what the hell are you thinking”  “your never going to make it“  This normally happens over a long period of time and seeps in, and is  a bit easier to knock back and not so concentrated as when trying to analyse what’s happening and definitely never identify the doubt let alone written down. My general coping method is to try answer my own critical voice with a mixture of a defiant        “fuck you” and “ok I’ll make a few adjustment”  maybe a phone call to my brother with burning question like “pants on or off” or “if you lived in a green box what kind of hat would you wear ? “ repeat this until it sits happy in my head and the idea has been beaten into shape  and its got to a point were I HAVE to make it.

 Repotting to make room for growth

This idea has take a bit of a back seat  and has been benched but not forgotten. I have revisited another idea that’s been there in the background for quite some time and the making of it snuck up on me, this sneak attack is not very reliable way to make art work, but who am I to deny those frenzied moments especially when I’ve been feeling unproductive and a bit lazy, this is a viscous circle that sits there lurking in the background  not making and feeling a bit shit about it trying to get motivated, but not having any ideas to harvest ( ok Ben enough with the horticultural analogy !) 

So where do this leave us now, I’m off to the big smoke for a few days chasing the money, I’m happy to let someone else make the decision for a change.  And more importantly get to catch up with some friends ( and make some money Ben ! )                                                So let’s say this is part 1 stay tuned in for the next part to see if this idea makes it to the next stage or if anything else pops up in the meantime.