Stranger Worlds part II


Stranger worlds part II

The Expedition

“What lies beneath the surface.”


The show continues the story of Stranger Worlds, an artistic adventure into stories and the spark that creates them. by Ben Irwin 

The Expedition

The work in this exhibition I wanted to turn the focus on making my work  into installations and add some theatre into the mix, too, with the Help of Sound Designer David Nock and Lighting designer Dan Light of Bailes & Light  Stranger worlds part II was born.  I became a commissioned artist for the Bournemouth emerging arts fringe (BEAF) and It debuted on  Boscombe High street in a derelict shop on April 28th 2018. 

The shows theme is about telling stores with an emphasis on the stimulation of new Ideas, with the viewer being an integral part of the process and is intern part of the story.    

The exhibition consists of 7 installations all individually lit and with their own sound scape within another worldly atmosphere. 

    • The MacGuffin  
    • The garden of unearthly delights the b-movie 
    • Match 
    • YouTV
    • Mind your Head 
    • Planetoids series 1
    • Don’t mention the chickens

The MacGuffin

The Garden of Unearthly Delights the B-movie


 Mind your Head


Planetoids series 1

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